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Accountants Liability Administrative Hearings and Appeals Administrative Law Admiralty and Maritime Law Adoptions Adult Guardianship Adverse Possession Advertising and Marketing Affirmative Action Affordable Housing Age Discrimination Age Discrimination In Employment Agency and Distributorships Agents and Brokers Liability Agricultural Law Airbag Injury Airplane Crash Litigation Alcoholic Beverages Alternative Dispute Resolution Americans With Disabilities Act Amusement Park Liability Ancillary Probate Animal Law Animal Rights Animal Welfare Annulment Antitrust and Trade Regulation Appellate Practice Arbitration Architects and Engineers Liability Asbestos Defense Asbestos Litigation Assault Asset Protection Asset Recovery Asylum & Integration Autism Auto Insurance Automobile Accidents Automotive Products Liability Aviation Law Bank Fraud Banking Law Bankruptcy Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Benzene Exposure Biotechnology Birth Injuries Black Lung (Blba) Boating Accidents Boundary Disputes Breach Of Contract Business Cooperatives Business Enterprises Business Formation Business Law Business Litigation Business Planning Business Start Ups Business Valuation Buying and Selling Of Businesses Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Casinos and Gambling Cerebral Palsy Chancery and Equity Charitable Giving Charter Parties Check Fraud Child Abuse and Neglect Child Advocacy Child Custody Child Custody Mediation Child Dependency Child Sexual Abuse Child Support Child Welfare Childrens Rights Chinese Drywall Citizenship Civil Forfeiture Civil Liberties Civil Litigation Civil Practice Civil Rights Civil Rights Section 1983 Civil Unions Class Actions Closely-Held Business Law Cohabitation Agreements Collaborative Family Law Collections Commercial Banking Commercial Bankruptcy Commercial Insurance Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law Commercial Law Commercial Leasing Commercial Litigation Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Syndication Commodities Communications and Media Complex and Multi-District Litigation Complex Litigation Computers and Software Condominium Law Condominium Timeshares Conservatorship Constitutional Law Construction Accidents Construction Defects Construction Law Construction Litigation Consular Law Consumer Banking Consumer Bankruptcy Consumer Credit Consumer Fraud Consumer Law Consumer Protection Consumer Rights Contested Wills Contracts Conveyancing Cooperative Housing Law Copyrights Corporate Corporate Commercial Law Corporate Finance Corporate Governance Corporate Law Corporate Litigation Corporate Taxation Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Credit Fraud Credit Repair Creditors Rights Crime Victims Compensation Criminal Appeals Criminal Defense Criminal Law Cruise Ship Injuries Customs Law Death Penalty Debt Collection Debt Relief Debtor and Creditor Debtors Rights Deceptive Trade Practices Dental Malpractice Deportation Directors and Officers Liability Discrimination Law Divorce Dog Bite Law Domestic Partnerships Domestic Relations Domestic Violence Drivers License Suspension Drug and Medical Device Litigation Drug Crimes Dui/Dwi E-Commerce Law Easements Education Law Elder Abuse and Neglect Elder Care Elder Law Election, Campaign and Political Law Eminent Domain Employee Benefits Employee Benefits (Erisa) Employee Rights Employment Employment Contracts Employment Discrimination Energy Law Energy Regulation Entertainment Law Environmental Cleanup Environmental Law Environmental Permitting Equal Employment Opportunity Law Equine Law Equipment Finance and Leasing Erisa Estate and Gift Taxation Estate Litigation Estate Planning Executive Compensation Expungements Extortion Extradition Failure To Diagnose Fair Credit Reporting Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fair Housing False Imprisonment Family and Medical Leave Act Family Business Law Family Law Family Mediation Fathers Rights Fcc Regulation Federal Civil Litigation Federal Criminal Law Federal Employment Law Federal Tort Claims Federal Workers Compensation Felonies Fidelity and Surety Finance Financial Services Law Firearms Litigation Firefighter Labor Law Food Products Liability Food, Drug and Cosmetics Foreclosure Law Foster Care Fourth Amendment Law Franchises and Franchising Fraudulent Conveyance Gaming Law General Business General Practice Government Government Contracts Government Procurement Government Relations Green Cards Groundwater Contamination Guardianship and Conservatorship Hague Convention Proceedings Head and Spinal Injuries Health Care Health Insurance Homeowners Association Law Homicide Hospital Law Hospital Negligence Hospitality Law Housing Discrimination Housing Law Human Resources Law Identity Theft Immigration Import and Export Law Income Tax Incorporation Indian Child Welfare Act Indians and Native Populations Information Technology Insurance Insurance Defense Insurance Fraud Intellectual Property Intellectual Property & Licensing Intentional Torts International Extradition International Family Law International Law International Trade Internet Law Interstate Child Custody Investments Joint Ventures Juvenile Dependency Juvenile Law Labor and Employment Labor Relations Land Use Landlord and Tenant Landslides and Subsidence Law Enforcement Leases and Leasing Legal Malpractice Legal Malpractice Defense Legal Separation Legislative Practice Lemon Law Life and Health Insurance Limited Liability Company Law Liquor Liability Liquor Licensing Litigation & Trial Living Wills Loan Modification Lobbying Long-Term Care Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act Low-Income Housing Lung Cancer Maritime Personal Injury Mass Torts Matrimonial Law Media and First Amendment Mediation Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice Defense Medical Negligence Medicare and Medicaid Mental Health Professionals Malpractice Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Mesothelioma Military Divorce Military Law Minimum Wage Law Mining and Minerals Minority Business Law Misdemeanors Mortgage Securitization Mortgages Motorcycle Accidents Multi-Level Marketing Municipal Law Name Changes Native American Civil Rights Native American Law Natural Resources Negligence No Fault Auto Insurance Defense Noncompete Litigation Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Nonprofit Tax Law Nursing Home Litigation Occupational Safety and Health (Osha) Oil and Gas Law Oil and Gas Leasing Orthopedic Malpractice Parole and Probation Partnership Law Patents Paternity Personal Bankruptcy Personal Injury Plaintiffs Personal Injury Police Brutality Police Misconduct Political Asylum Post Judgment Collections Post-Conviction Remedies Power Of Attorney Premarital Agreements Premises Liability Prenuptial Agreement Prisoners Rights Privacy Law Private Foundations Probate Litigation Products Liability Professional Liability Property Damage Law Property Insurance Property Law Property Tax Property Tax Abatement Psychiatric Malpractice Psychology Malpractice Public Finance Public Interest Law Publishing Contracts Railroad Accidents Real Estate Real Estate Foreclosure Real Estate Fraud Real Estate Litigation Real Estate Tax Appeals Regulatory Law Reinsurance Religious Institutions Residential Real Estate Resorts and Leisure Same-Sex Marriage School Law Search and Seizure Securities Securities Fraud Securities Litigation Sex Crimes Sexual Abuse Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Shipping Shoplifting Slip and Fall Small Business Small Business Law Social Security Social Security Disability Special Education Special Needs Trusts Sports Law Spousal Support Tax Audits Tax Planning Taxation Technology and Science Telecommunications Law Termination Of Parental Rights Theft Tobacco Litigation Torts Toxic Exposure Toxic Torts Trade Secrets Trademarks Traffic Violation Transportation Travel and Tourism Truck Overweight Violations Trucking Accidents Trust Administration Trust Litigation Trusts and Estates Unclaimed Property Uncontested Divorce Unfair Competition Unfair Labor Practices Utility Law Vaccine Injury Venture Capital Veterans Benefits Veterans Disability Law Veterinary Malpractice Victims Rights Visitation Rights Wage and Hour Law Warranty Law Water Law Weapons Charges Whistleblower Litigation White-Collar Crime Wills and Probate Wiretapping Womens Rights Work Permits Workers Compensation Workers Compensation Defense Workplace Violence Wrongful Death Wrongful Termination Zoning Law Zoning, Planning and Land Use

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    Legal Issues - Ask4Justice Son took a plea bargain for domestic abuse which the incident  didnt happen, Probation was rescended.. Sentenced to one year in prison. Release date was supposed to be Nov 11, 2021. July 2021 was defending myself and given 30 days in the hole. Nothing was mentioned after that. Thought this was my punishment for defendng myself.. Went through the release process two weeks before release date. On the day of release I was told that I was given a new release date. of Nov 7, 2022. which was another…

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    Legal Issues - Ask4Justice I own many timeshares, when I die I have been told laws pass them onto my children or estate, is this true. What laws regulate this ? How do my children not get stuck? Just inquiring  about the real estate laws that cover my timeshares when I die, and if they get passed to my children I own several timeshare and have heard from many sources that they get passed to my children even though they did not incur the debt or bills.I have heard of a few ways to do this but want to make sure I am…

  • Pros and cons of a credit shelter trust,

    Pros and cons of a credit shelter trust Want to preserve assets for my children after I die to the best of my ability at lowest cost to them. If I move deceased husband assets under my name rather than a trust what are the pros and cons of doing to. A Credit Shelter Trust (CST) is designed to allow affluent couples to reduce or completely avoid estate taxes when passing assets on to heirs, typically, the couple's children. What are the advantages of a credit shelter trust? One key benefit of a credit shelter trust is that the…

  • Fighting 4th degree sexual assault (3m),

    Legal Issues - Ask4Justice 4th degree sexual assault charge ordinance violation 9.940.225 (3m) Prairie Du Chein Wisconsin citation. Citation number 1680VXM7VV I received this in the mail and have no idea where it resulted from. Ticket from October 23,2021. I was in a verbal conflict with some people from a bar in Prairie Du Chein WI. I was cited for disorderly conduct that night. Went back to Prairie Du Chein TODAY with my ticket in hand from the 23rd and in person paid the fine. I got home, opened the mail box and this…

  • Can I fight4th Degree Sexual charges do not remember the event,

    Legal Issues - Ask4Justice 4th degree sexual assault charge ordinance violation 9.940.225 (3m) Prairie Du Chein Wisconsin citation. Citation number 1680VXM7VV. I was in a verbal conflict with some people from a bar I received this in the mail and have no idea where it resulted from. Ticket from October 23,2021. I was in a verbal conflict with some people from a bar in Prairie Du Chein WI. I was cited for disorderly conduct that night. Went back to Prairie Du Chein TODAY with my ticket in hand from the 23rd and in…

  • The best personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL, dealing with traffic accidents,

    Personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL - compare auto accident lawyers near you People always start in their neighborhood when looking for a new legal representation. If you are the culprit or participant in a car accident in West Palm Beach, Florida, you will want the best personal injury lawyer directly from this city or the surrounding area. Car accident lawyers around West Palm Beach charge different fixed or percentage rates, but keep in mind that in Florida, attorney's cannot charge more than 33 1/3% of any settlement before a lawsuit. It should also be noted that to…

  • The exchange of words between two people may often get out of control,

    law The exchange of words between two people may often get out of control. However, having a competent miami criminal defense attorney on your side will provide you the ability to speak and negotiate with the opposing party effectively. A criminal lawyer, on the other hand, may represent you in a competent manner in a disagreement. As a result, don't be afraid to seek expert assistance from a criminal lawyer. Address:  7950 NW 53rd St Suite 337, Miami, Florida 33166 Contact No:  (305) 203-0333

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    Legal Issues - Ask4Justice Good Afternoon - Hoping you can help point me in the right direction. My fiancé is currently an inmate at SCI-Pinegrove (PA). He is being held in the restricted unit for having  padlock in his hand. When he appeared in front of the prison examiner for restricted unit sentencing, the examiner refused to accept his "not-guilty" plea. When asked how he pleas - the inmate said not-guilty and the examiner repeated himself "how to you plea", the inmate repeated "not-guilty" and the examiner asked…

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